Black Room – An ode to darkness

Black room is an inversion, an Occlusion; a means to defuse the obvious and lean into the shadowy dreamy abyss;
to rediscover art as a feeling, a sensation.
In the dark,
Volume, form, mass, spatial relationships, Gravity, tension; all become acute in the peat black.
In the dark,
From bright, sharp light in the hot lands into the entoptic blur of adjusting sight, in the dark.
Cave art, dwelling in the cool, shifting perception. What has not been seen in the light has space,
In the dark,
What is hidden? Flowing tendrils of dark matter hold thoughts together, hold on tight!; co-ordinates in place.
Navigate via the stars on the outer rim of the black hole.
In the dark,
Move with purpose, body senses alert, time,
a dance between the objects,
In the dark
Richard John Forbes, 2020

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